Marie Cincotta

ED 650 Curriculum Leadership

November 26,2001

Annotated Web Site List


1. Puzzlemaker

Teachers can use this site to create puzzles and games. Many puzzle choices are available, including mazes, word searches in which you can type in your own word list, criss-cross puzzles with your selected vocabulary, letter titles where you enter a phrase to be unscrambled and number blocks to reinforce math skills.

The students always enjoy reinforcement of skills in the form of puzzles and games. Word searches are especially popular for all grade levels. Vocabulary from any subject area can be used. I use it for reinforcement of reading vocabulary. Since you are providing the vocabulary, it can be adjusted for any grade level.

This site can be translated into five languages. Created puzzles are ready within about 20 seconds.


2. Fun Brain

Children, teachers, and parents can use the Fun Brain web site. It includes a collection of games for children of all ages, organizing them by age level from six and under through seventeen and up, subject or you can browse through a pull down menu that lets you view all possibilities. Top games include Math Baseball, Power Football, Spellaroo, Tic Tac Toe Squares, Grammar Gorillas and many others. Brainbowl is a weekly current event quiz you can receive through e-mail or play on the web. Games come with clear instructions and children can choose from various levels of difficulties. There are also web pages for teachers and parents providing helpful resources.

I like this web site because of the variety it provides. Students can use the games as a fun way to reinforce skills in different subject areas.


3. Ask Dr. Universe

This web site allows you to ask Dr. Universe questions on almost any topic. She will answer questions herself or go to Washington State Universityís team of researchers for the answer. Dr. Universe goes out to the field, libraries, laboratories or wherever it takes to find answers to studentsí questions. You can contact any of the faculty members answering questions fro Dr. Universe by e-mail. You can submit you own questions or find answers to featured questions. There is also a new question presented daily.

One especially nice feature about this site are the links to Dr. Universeís favorite sites including Yahooligans and Exploratorium.

This is a good web site for curious kids who are looking for answers to everything. Questions and answers can be translated into Spanish, French, German or Italian.

Dr. Universe will reply to your questions, although not always with an answer. Dr. Universe will refer you to other web sites or resources. This site does not provide an immediate answer.


4. Holidays on the Net


Holidays on the Net is a good site for teachers to access material for celebrating holidays. It offers a variety of animation, audio, video and graphics for each celebration. Activities, craft projects, stories, recipes, or information about each holiday are available. This site includes traditional celebrations such as Motherís and Fatherís Day, Thanksgiving, Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Fourth of July as well as religious holidays. You can register with the Holiday Calendar and get holiday e-mail reminders and send holiday greeting cards.

This site is helpful if you are looking for new ideas to celebrate the holidays in your classroom and have time to spend on the computer. I get just as many good ideas in the various teacher magazines from our school library and find it less time consuming.

One disadvantage of this site is that it is slowed down with outside advertising on every page.


5. 4Kid.Com

This site offers a little bit of everything. It is designed with the elementary student in mind. The home page presents a 4Kids tree house in which you can click on the toy box, bookshelf, globe, bulletin board, or fish bowl and be transported to reading material, science material, dictionaries, and games. The globe for example, will give you geography links to sites regarding a variety of topics. Clicking on Entertainment, you can find many cartoon sites. There is also a 4Kids Projects page where you can view Kidsí home pages and or class projects. There is a lot of variety in this site.


6. Kids Domain

Browse through this web site for creative activities and projects for holidays and seasons. Each holiday offers a menu from which you can choose games, crafts, clip art, printable activities, books to read, and online stories. Links are provided to other related sites. Fall season includes fun craft ideas such as a pinecone wreath, pressed leaves placemats, a scarecrow wall decoration or a stained glass window design.

Each holiday is updated one to two months before the actual date. Gift making ideas are given as well as suggestions for creative gift-wrapping instructions. This site offers fun and enjoyable ways to celebrate the seasons and holidays.


7. A+Math

This web site is designed to help children with their math skills. It is a useful site for elementary and middle school students. There are simple and colorful graphics, which help make learning math fun. A game room lets you play games like Matho, which is a combination of Bingo and math, Hidden Pictures, and Concentration. You can also create and print your own set of flashcards. There is a worksheet section, where you can print worksheets. Another valuable feature is the Homework Helper that lets you put in a problem and your answer-then it will tell you, if your solution is right without giving you the answer. You can try problems in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. There are challenge problems for the advanced learner.


8. KinderArt Littles

This site offers a large collection of art projects and ideas created for primary grade levels but a multi-cultural section offers art activities for kindergarten thru eighth grade. The Activities section includes an assortment of art ideas designed to bring out the creativity in students. Unusual and interesting ideas are presented. Bulletin board ideas are also given as well as cross-curriculum ideas for math, science, geography and language art. Other sections include

Arts and Craft Recipes

Kindercolor-print pages to color

The Bookstore-Arts, crafts, and cooking

The Fridge-art submitted by children.

9. Seussville


If you are a fan of Dr. Seuss, this web site is for you. All of your favorite Dr. Seuss characters are here. Enter the zany world of Seussville where you can play games, find tasty recipes, color pictures and much more! Game choices include:

Hooray for Diffendoor Day! Game

Sylvester Mc beanís Sneetch Belly Game

Eleplant Ball

The Loraxís Save the Trees

The Catís Concentration Game

Green Eggs and Ham Picture Scramble

Hortonís Who Hunt

There are also printable games like Connect the Dots, The Cat in the Hat, What did Marco See? The Catís Hat Maze and fun word searches.


10. The Math Forum: Teachersí Place

This is a Swarthmore College based site. It is a good resource for teaching math for teaching math at all levels, K-12. Teachers can locate lesson plans and activities all grouped by grade level. Other features include creative math puzzles, tricks and tips, free mailing list, and a Question and Answer service called "Ask Dr. Math" if you need additional help with a math problem or concept.

A Problem of the Week is presented as well as ideas for teaching math, suggestions for educational field trips and reviews of math software. There is a listing of math workshops and online discussions where you can trade ideas.

If you are interested in finding ideas about math instruction, this is a good website.



Annotated Web Site List




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Holidays on the Net


Kids Domain


KinderArt Littles


The Math Forum: Teachersí Place

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